When you find yourself driven to perform at the expense of your health, when symptoms such as depression, disturbed sleep, anxiety, skin problems or weight gain surface, it gets harder and harder to stay on top and be competitive. Popping pills doesn’t help. Your vision for your life and career can fade into the distance.


It doesn’t have to be this way. You CAN find relief. You CAN feel good again. It IS possible to live at this level of activity, boost your personal and professional success and still take care of your health in a natural way so you get rid of current symptoms and head off future problems.


Core Elements Wellness helps you uncover what’s stressing your body and causing these malfunctions. Nuanced lab tests offer a level of detail and provide information that conventional medicine (including dieticians and nutritionists) can’t offer.

Most health problems result from imbalances in the body. Core Elements Wellness seeks to pinpoint those imbalances so we get to the root causes of your health problems. With a plan personalized to your individual needs, you achieve long-term resolution of symptoms, not just temporary relief.

And that’s not the only benefit of a balanced body.


Healthy Women Make An Impact On Their Family and In Their Life

  • You become a role model for your family, so they too are motivated to participate in healthy lifestyles

  • Your improved health makes you more productive, improves your concentration and increases your vitality.

  • You’ll look your best; you’ll feel confident, vibrant and energized; and you’ll regain the energy to get out and engage in the life you deserve.


Feel better and more confident from the inside out!

You’ll be sharper than ever when you get your health and energy back. Isn’t it worth taking that time to be more focused, productive and engaged in your life?


Give me a call at (805) 277 1977and let’s talk about how we can restore your body to a state of natural health so you’re inspired to tap back into your vision for your life and career with focus and enthusiasm.

Frances Starr, FDN, CHC
Functional Nutrition and Coaching 
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